Hueco Tanks | Texas


November 7th, 2014

Red Rascal Films’s second annual trip to Hueco features moderate to not-so-moderate climbs with the “crew” and other climbers. Teaming up with new people from different states, there was lots of energy and support, even when the ascent was elusive.

Affiliated with Moja Gear and INKnBURN

Odesza | How Did I Get Here
Lapalux | Guuurl
Chrome Sparks | Marijuana
Odesza | Hey Now

Filmed and edited by Red Rascal Films

Kathryn West
Liz Gilbert
Alex Stanley
Emily Ho
Jake Hudson
Matthew Quan
Garrett Foltz
Charlie Firer
James Riley
Scott Turpin
Greg Locker

Belly of the Beast (V7)
Vulgarian (V1)
Animal Acts (V5)
New Religion (V7)
Ides of March (V6)
Crimping Christ on a Cross (V10)