A SLO Rustic Wedding



Garrett and I were honored to capture the special day for Traci and Joshua Lewis back in January 2013. Family and friends gathered around at Biddle Park in San Luis Obispo (SLO) County witnessing the exchange of vows and two lives that were about to start a new path together. It was a perfect sunny day for this event: outdoors with lots of trees, children playing games, good food, and an overwhelming happiness filled the air. Weddings have predictable challenges for the event photographer, but they were an even greater challenge for us.

The wedding: simply rustic
About 200 guests attended the wedding. Colorful banners and ribbons hung in trees, bridesmaids held creative paper bouquets, decorative cookies were shared, and wine bottles with a personalized image of the couple all made the day feel festive and unique. The park was an ideal location because guests didn’t have to drive far for the reception after the ceremony. The ceremony, reception, and BBQ-ing was all in one spot. The most emotional part of the day was watching the bride and groom have their dance followed by dancing with their parents. It was hard not to find yourself shedding a tear or two. Great speeches followed by people who are closest to the couple, and they spoke of great memories and how perfect of a match Traci and Josh are for each other. As the day went by, it was time to turn up the dance music and hit the dance floor at the gazebo. It was that time when everyone let their hair down and took off their heels to have some fun. Guests congratulated the newly weds and Traci and Josh drove off to their honeymoon.

Traci and Josh Lewis 2013: Wedding Trailer

A wonderful couple gets married at Biddle Park in SLO, CA. First wedding video: this is the trailer.