Vertex YCL Benefit Competition


On 2.08.2014, we had the privilege of working at the local Santa Rosa climbing gym, Vertex, which held a climbing competition benefitting their Youth Programs. The event included a silent auction, food, handmade arts and crafts, music, raffles, and some new routes to compete on.

Vertex is unlike your average indoor climbing gym. It's got a solid community of families of all ages that share the same passion -- climbing. It's a place where kids, the young and single, and the casually social --even the professional climbers such as Kevin Jorgeson-- mingle and share knowledge and stories with each other. Don't let the size of this gym fool you; its challenging routes are set to match the style of outdoor climbing that are often said to be tougher than most gyms. Train Smart. Climb Strong: Welcome to Vertex.

Hudson Mohawk -- "Fuse"